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Watch your toddler’s curiosity flourish at Dolphin Montessori Children's House. At this age your child is asserting his or her independence, and we have all the tools to help them interact with the world around them. We are an Early Learning Coalition/VPK provider.


Your 2-3 year old is always on the go! The highly qualified teachers at Dolphin Montessori Children's House are more than ready to keep up with them. Class sizes are small to ensure your child always has adequate attention and lots of one-on-one time.

Encourage your child to develop of a love for learning

Your toddler will love their fun filled days

Your child is making friends, and is excited to explore the world around them. We focus on helping your child reach developmental milestones while learning positive social skills such as sharing, kindness and expressing feelings. Our toddler area is full of engaging toys designed to promote learning.


Daily activities including reading, storytelling, games, puzzles, arts and crafts, independent playtime, blocks, building toys, nap time, and lunch.

Age-appropriate activities to help your toddler grow


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